You are a trader.

That’s right – you’re a trader not an investor.

You trade tickers – not companies.

You might be a day trader, a swing trader, a scalper, a pure speculator the list goes on. Regardless of how you identify yourself, your goal is to find trading opportunities each day and profit from them.

And traders want to scan.

You don’t want to spend your time sifting endlessly through hundreds of charts looking for patterns or trolling chat rooms trying to find the next big hype. All of that just distracts you from doing the work that counts – being focused on properly entering and exiting positions.

All traders have experienced the frustration of being “the last one to the party.” Missing the run. Snoozing on a 400% gainer. Having no clue about that FDA approval news. It always sucks.

Scanning is the answer. It always has been. Long or short. Price-based, volume-based or news-based. Why would you ever want to go looking for stocks when they could come straight to you? You wouldn’t. Set it and forget it. Work smart not hard. That’s how the most successful traders operate.

Scanz has built what many believe is the premiere stock discovery platform. Built for traders.
We know our niche and that’s where we stay. Our “secret sauce” technology streams the entire U.S equity markets to your desktop over your internet connection. What does that mean? It means your computer is processing every single tick of every single stock traded on the US markets in real-time with zero latency. Wait what? How is that even possible? Compression algorithms my friend. Our quant engineers have game. We’ve turned your personal computer into a high-grade ticker plant. Who else does that? No one.

And that’s where the scanning magic happens.

Scanz lets you harness this tsunami of real-time streaming data through our beautiful scanning user interface. Create custom rules that slice, dice, chop, sort and rank the entire markets as they move. Find the stocks that meet your wildest trading desires and have them delivered to you on a silver platter. It’s like being spoon fed. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

There are many trading platforms and terminals that you can use to get quotes and news. Build some watchlists. Analyze charts. But how many of those platforms have gone all in on building something really special? Something unique? Something that makes you say wow? Something that makes you better? Not many.

Why is that? Well, for one it’s the harder way to do business. It calls for more heart, soul and creativity than most financial tech companies have in them. It comes from a burning desire to make your customers rely on your product to the point where they feel helpless without it. This kind of caring is intense in the best possible way.

And second, they all play the same game with the same generic playbook. It’s a game of robotic help replies, and price gouging. It’s a focus on quantity instead of quality; on instant gratification instead of the long game.

But we don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. We never have.

We play by rules that help us help you.

Here are just a few of the ways we strive to exceed your expectations:


We always ask, "will this help our customers get an edge in the market?"

When we build features and set priorities, this is the first question we ask ourselves. If we have a project on the table and decide it won’t give our customers tangible benefit, we cut it.


We always invest in building world-class software

Software is what we are all about at our core. Our software is what helps you succeed at your job. We’ll stay focused on building the best market scanning platform in the world for traders like you.


We enable our customers to spend less time searching for trades and more time capitalizing on them

We are firm believers in less is more. We don’t do feature wars and bloat our platform up to the hilt. Instead we focus on the best features and do them right.


We empower our customers through technology and education

We’re not looking for the next trick to get you to buy our software. Our plan for is to continually invest heavily in the education you need to make a living as a trader. From our blog, to courses, to video tutorials and podcasts, we’re all in on education as marketing.


We will always be 100% independent and unbiased

Unlike other so-called platforms whose CEO’s moonlight as trade gurus and trade full time, we prefer to stay free from conflicts of interest and instead just focus on building the best trading software possible.


We care more

When you email our support team, all you have to say is “I need help” and we’ll be tripping over each other to be the first ones to solve the problem for you. When you want a new feature, let us know and we’ll take the request seriously for an upcoming release. When you’re part of our family, we treat you like family.

Scanz is taking all of these core values and moving onward & upward to a new level that will focus on market scanning technology unlike anything that’s ever been done before for individual traders. We will also be expanding outside of US equities into global equity markets such as Canada, UK, Brazil, India and more. In addition, we will also start covering new asset classes such as options and forex.

We are inspired by what we do – provide the world’s leading market scanning platform for financial traders. Today is day one all over again. And we couldn’t be more excited to keep serving you our beloved customer.

– The Scanz Team