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Built from the ground up to make you successful at what you do. We specifically designed Scanz for those of who want to be the best.

Scanz is gorgeous. Blazingly fast. And comes with market scanning features that make you feel superhuman. Learn more about the features that make it the most obvious solution for traders looking to find profitable trading opportunities – all day, every day.

Pro Scanner

Real-Time Scanning

Point and click your way to scanning nirvana! The most user-friendly, powerful and flexible stock scanner in existence. Start scanning in real-time from 4:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.

Fully Customizable

From the simplest single rule scans to complex multi-rule and variable scans, Pro Scanner lets you do it all. Take it as far as your imagination will allows you to.

 Preconfigured Scans

Need ideas? Our library of over 70 preconfigured scans will let you hit the ground running. Gappers, momentum, dead cat bounces, crossovers and so much more.

Unlimited Saved Scans

Create your own personal stash of scans that you can run at any time with one click! There’s no limit to how many you can have.

Price Filters

Choose from a deep library of over 50 Price variables that include Last Price, Bid, Ask, Net Change, % Change, Opens, Closes, Highs, Lows and much more.

Liquidity Filters

Choose from a deep library of liquidity variables that include the full range of Volume, Dollar Volume, # of Trades and much more.

Technical Filters

Choose from a deep library of Technical Indicator and Oscillator variables that include Moving  Averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands and so much more.

Fundamental Filters

Choose from a deep library of Fundamental variables that include Financials, Share Structure, Float, Market Capitalization, Short Data  and more.

Scan by Market

Scan the markets that matter to you. Have one scan running for Nasdaq, another for NYSE and a third for OTC. Combine them all into one. You can do as you please with a few clicks.

Scan by Stock Types

Feel like getting granular? Our Stock Types function lets you get as specific as possible. Regular securities, ETFs, Foreign stocks, Bankrupt stocks, Delinquent stocks, Preferred shares and over a dozen more categories.

Smart Memory

All data columns that are setup and saved  on a particular scan will be remembered for that scan. This makes your scans extremely relevant with data columns that represent each individual scan. 


 Don’t waste your time on snooze-worthy trades. Use the auto-sorting function to see which stocks have the highest volatility and liquidity.

Powerful Data Columns

Get access to the data that helps you make smarter decisions. Scan results can include valuable data on company fundamentals, technicals, price, and liquidity.

Download Results

Want to take your analysis outside of the Scanz app? Download the results of any scan as a CSV file and start crunching data in your spreadsheet software.

Easy Scanner

Zero Effort Required

Trading is difficult enough as is – we think scanning should be easy. The Easy scanner can start delivering hot trade ideas with less than a minute of setup time.

Total Market Transparency

Get a bird’s eye view of the entire stock market to see where the real action is. Easy Scanner brings the action right to you in one simple window – thousands of stocks updating in real time.

Unparalleled Speed

We believe speed and power go hand-in-hand. Easy Scanner provides lightning fast streaming data on a platform that was built for speed.


You’re not just looking to trade any stocks – you want to find the hottest opportunities. Whether you crave volatility, liquidity, or pure momentum, our auto sorting tools help you narrow in on the best trading opportunities.

Filter by Market

Easy Scanner results can be broken down by market in order to meet the needs of any trader. NASDAQ momentum fiend? We’ve got you covered. OTC penny stock addict? Join the party.

Filter by Stock Type

Scanz offer the most granular stock type filtration in the business. Filter results by ETF’s, foreign stocks, bankrupt stocks, preferred stocks, regular stocks and much more.

Custom Filters

Custom filters are designed to meet the needs of each unique trader. Filter your scan results by price, volume, market cap, float, and much more.

Powerful Data Columns

Easy Scanner offers unrivaled access to the data you need to make smarter trading decisions. Add custom columns to fetch data ranging from technicals to fundamentals to short interest.

ETF Scanner

ETF’s are growing increasingly popular amongst traders and investors. Of course, not all ETF’s are created equal. Our ETF scanner helps you find the top performing ETF’s in any sector.

Sector Scanner

Traders know they need to go where the action is. If you’re looking to ride the wave of the latest hot sector, take advantage of our Sector Scanner to find the hottest stocks in any industry.

Short Squeeze Scanner

Looking for short squeeze candidates? You’re just a few clicks away. The Scanz short squeeze scanner provides a list of stocks that have all the signs of an impending short squeeze.

Index Scanner

Good traders trade indices – great traders find the hottest opportunities in the indices. Our Index Scanner allows you to choose any index and find the best performing stocks.


Actionable Signals

Looking for real-time trading alerts all day every day? The Breakouts module offers streaming alerts on auto-pilot. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Zero Latency

Speed is one of the greatest advantages a trader can have. We get it, and when we say “real-time,” we mean it! Get breakout alerts when they matter most.

Specify by Market

Is your trading style market-specific? We’ve got you covered! Filter out the noise by only triggering alerts for the markets that matter to you most!

Specify by Stock Types

Scanz trade alerts offer the same granularity and customization as our scanning tools. Filter your alerts by stock type so you only receive alerts that matter to you.

New High Alerts

Tired of discovering breakouts after its way too late? The breakouts module spoon-feeds breakout alerts in real-time so you’ll always be early to the party. It’s called the first-mover advantage.

New Low Alerts

Short sellers, we’ve got you covered! Get real-time alerts when a stock sets a new low. Whether you’re looking for intraday breakdowns or daily chart breakdowns, Scanz is ready to serve up alerts on autopilot.

Price Breakouts

Price breakouts help traders identify breakouts at unique and significant price points. This unique alert is triggered when a stock breaks above one of it’s moving averages, which is often a signal for a move even higher.

Volume Breakouts

Rule #1 of momentum trading – follow the volume. Our breakout alerts are triggered when a stock is experiencing above average volume. These types of alerts have been known to precede some of the most exciting trade setups.

Block Trade Alerts

Traders know they should be paying attention to big orders. These orders represent significant trading activity, but they can be hard to spot on the chart. With Scanz, you will be alerted to block trades in real-time.

Instant Sorting

Alerts are sorted in real-time so you can pay attention to the ones that matter most. Sort alerts by time to get a constant stream of trade ideas, or sort by alert quantity to zero in on the most active opportunities.

Watchlist Alerts

Tired of staring at a watch list with 50+ tickers every day? Become a more efficient trader by taking care of alerts. If one of your favorite stocks presents a great trading opportunity, you will get a real-time alert.

Alert Count Tracking

Stocks that trigger multiple alerts become increasingly difficult to ignore. Our built-in alert counter shows you exactly how many times a stock triggered an alert during the day. The higher the alert count, the sweeter the opportunity.

Custom Filters

Tailor your alerts to your own, unique trading strategy. Looking for penny stock alerts? You got them! Prefer to trade highly liquid NASDAQ’s? Not a problem!

News Scanner

Real-Time News

Our news scanner gives you a first-mover advantage by providing you with access to market-moving stories. With over 100 sources and endless customizations, we can guarantee you’ve never used a news scanner this powerful.

Real-Time SEC Filings

Some of the juiciest news stories don’t hit the wires until it’s too late. Companies often release SEC filings before press releases and, when they do, Scanz is here to give you the alert.

Over 60 News Providers

Never miss another news story because you have access to a sub-par newsfeed. Scanz pulls stories from over 60 wires so you can be the first to catch the news.

Over 50 Financial Sites & Blogs

Scanz pulls stories from over 50 financial websites and blogs to ensure you never miss out on relevant market information.

Beautiful Interface

This isn’t your grandparents’ news streamer. Scanz offers a sleek, modern design that makes it easy to keep track of news alerts and read full stories.

Keyword Customization

Find the exact news stories you’re looking for using our fully-customizable keyword filters. Find news related to the hottest sectors, topics, and anything else you can think of.

Audio Alerts

Enable audio alerts to ensure you never miss out on a market-moving press release. Scanz comes with built-in audio alerts so you don’t have to worry about eyeballing the news streamer every few minutes. 

Custom Filters

Focus solely on the news that matters most to you by applying custom filters to your news streamer. Want penny stock news? There’s a filter for that. Interested in NASDAQ stories only? There’s a filter for that.

Fully Customizable

Every component of the Scanz news scanner was designed with customization in mind. Whether you’re looking to change the window styling or completely modify the scanning criteria, we’ve got you covered.

Search by Ticker Symbol

Tap into our vast database of news and press releases so you don’t miss out on important updates on the stocks you follow. You can search by ticker to see all of the recent news for a specific company.


Complete Real-Time Picture

Traders are only as good as their decision support system. The Scanz Montage presents traders with all of the information they need to make smarter trading decisions.


Get access to insightful pre-market data with the click of a button. The montage window can display pre-market volume, highs and lows.

Regular Market

Find real-time level 1 data in one convenient dashboard. Identify a stock’s highs, lows, liquidity, volatility and more.


Keep an eye on pivotal post-market trading activity so you can stay in the loop after hours. Scanz stores and presents the data in one convenient window.

Streaming Charts

Stock charts are arguably the most important tool in a trader’s toolkit. The Scanz Montage offers the full power of our charting module alongside the other decision support tools that make your life easier.

Level 1

The Scanz Montage provides streaming Level 1 data. You’ll find the data you expect, such as bid, ask, volume, and more. You will also find access to unique metrics such as # of trades and $ volume.

Level 2

Keep track of real-time supply and demand levels with our built-in Level 2 and time and sales window. Data is color coded to make your trading even easier. 

Time & Sales

Keep track of every trade that hits the books with our streaming time and sales tool. Time and sales presents a clean log of order times, prices, and sizes.

News and SEC Filings

Wondering why a stock is moving? Navigate to the News tab to see if a recent press release or filing hit the wires. Plot news stories and filings on the charts to see how they impact trading activity.


Identify key price points and volume levels of interest using the Averages tab. You can find data on average trading volume, range, and liquidity.


Get a quick snapshot of a company’s financials without leaving the platform. Scanz displays key data relating to share structure, company financials, and more.

Integrated Trading

Connect to your broker and trade directly from the Montage window. You can place buy and sell orders without leaving the Scanz platform.

Tabbed Windows

Save screen real estate by taking advantage of Scanz’ tabbed windows feature. Keep track of multiple tickers in one window by opening multiple tabs. We’ll keep the data streaming in real-time so you don’t miss out on any pivotal action.

Chart Indicators

Load up your chart with as many technical indicators as you’d like. You can choose from a variety of indicators including moving averages, VWAP, RSI, MACD, and much, much more.

Chart Drawing Tools

Add your own annotations to charts using our built-in drawing tools. You can add trendlines, fibonacci retracements, custom shapes, and much more.


Data Notifications

The best traders have a first-mover advantage. Scanz traders can set custom notifications so they never miss a trade. Set notifications for price, volume, and more. 

News Notifications

Never miss another market-moving news story. Scanz allows you to create custom news alerts with just a few clicks.

SEC Filings Notifications

Stay up to date on the latest SEC filings using our built-in notifications. Whether you are tracking financial reports, offerings, or company news, our notifications will ensure you don’t miss out on the action.

In-Platform Notifications

Get notifications directly within the Scanz platform. If one of your notifications is triggered, you will see a pop-up dialog box in the platform.

Email Delivery

Can’t keep an eye on alerts in the platform all day? Not a problem! We can send your notifications directly to your email.

SMS Delivery (coming soon)

We’re excited to announce that we will be adding SMS alerts to the platform later this year.

Custom Comments

Add custom comments to your alerts so you remember why you set them in the first place. Whether you’re waiting for a breakout, breakdown, or higher volatility, you can leave a custom comment to add even more value to your notifications.

Alert History

Keep track of all of your notifications in one convenient window. You can keep track of notifications that have already triggered as well as those set to trigger in the future. 

Level 2

Real-Time Streaming 

The Scanz Level 2 window offers real-time streaming data – no delays, no lag, and no freezing. When we say “real-time” we mean it.

Color-Coded Display

Our Level 2 window is color-coded by price level so you can easily gauge the supply and demand levels for a given stock.

Tabbed Windows

Save screen real estate without compromising data. Our Level 2 window can be tabbed so you can track and store real-time data for multiple stocks in one convenient window.

Order Book Summary

Analyze supply and demand levels more efficiently using our order book summary. We group orders by price so you can gauge true supply/demand with a single glance.

Level 1 Data

Plot Level 1 data on your Level 2 screen to keep an eye on the bigger picture. You’ll be able to monitor daily volume and volatility with ease.

Time and Sales Window

See which orders from the Level 2 window are actually executed with our Time and Sales tool. Trades are streamed live as they hit the books and color-coded to make your life easier.

MM Activity Log

The Market Maker activity log is proprietary to the Scanz platform. This revolutionary tool keeps track of changes to the Level 2 window. If a market maker adds, removes, decreases, or increases an order, you will see an alert.

Customizable Display

Like most features in the Scanz platform, the Level 2 window is fully customizable. Choose which data tools you want to show and adjust sizing and spacing as you see fit.

Advanced Functionality

Layouts (Unlimited)

Build, save, and load as many custom layouts as you’d like. Layouts can be created for a single screen or a multi-monitor setup. Best of all, every layout is saved to the cloud so you can load it on any device.

Window Linking

Link different windows within Scanz so you can keep your data in sync. Sync your level 2 windows, scanners, charts, and more.


Create a powerful tool you want to reuse? Clone it with the click of a button. You can clone scanners, charts, level 2 windows, and more. 


The “Advancers/Decliners” window acts as a market report card. See the percentage of stocks that increase and decrease every single day to better understand the health of the market.

Settings Manager

Modify all of your platform settings from our convenient settings manager or edit settings directly from the individual module windows. Change font size, spacing, styles, and more.

Multi-Monitor Compatible

A trading platform shouldn’t be limited to a single window. At Scanz, we know what real traders expect, and we’ve tailored our tools to meet those needs. Scanz offers multi-monitor support with easy layout building.

Built-In Screenshots

Run a great scan that you want to share with friends? Create a chart annotation that you want to post to Twitter? Scanz comes with a built-in screenshot feature that allows you to capture a shot of any window with a single click.

Auto-Software Updates

Get access to the latest new features, fixes, and optimizations without having to manually update the platform. Scanz is automatically updated to the latest version every time it is launched.

Excel Exports

Want to take your data outside of Scanz for further crunching? Not a problem! You can export data from Scanz to CSV’s so you can run further analyses in Excel.

Multiple Languages
       (coming soon)

Scanz is proud to support multiple languages, making it one of the most appealing platforms for international traders.

Education & Support

Knowledge Base

Want to become a master of the Scanz platform? Browse our extensive knowledge base to learn how to navigate the platform like a pro.


The best traders are always learning. Head on over to our blog to catch the latest articles on scanning, technical analysis, trading strategy, and anything related to trading!

Video Tutorials

Quickly familiarize yourself with the Scanz features by watching our video tutorials. We’ll walk you through the platform so you can get the most out of the powerful tools.

Unbeatable Support

Have any questions about the Scanz platform? Our team is here to help! Just shoot us an email and our support team will get back to you.


Join us for online webinars to expand your trading knowledge and learn from our team of pros. We’ll share the platform tips and trading strategies we use every single day.

Cheat Sheets

Print out our free cheat sheets and keep them on your desk to help you as you trade. We offer cheat sheets for candlestick patterns, chart patterns, Level 2, and more.

Integrated Broker Trading (Coming Soon!)

10 Most Popular Brokers

Connect directly to your broker so you can trade within the platform. Scanz connects to the most popular brokers, such as TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.

Seamless Trading

Scanz is truly an “all-in-one” trading platform. Connect to your broker and start placing trades directly from the platform itself.

 One-Click Connection

Connecting to your broker is fast and easy. Simply log in to your brokerage account from within the Scanz platform and you’re ready to start trading.

Best Trading Interface

The Scanz Trading interface is clean and simple so you can focus on what matters most – trading. 


A broker connection is only as good as its speed, which is why we purposefully designed our integrations to be lightning fast. 

Multiple Order Types

Take advantage of different types of buy and sell orders, including limit orders, market orders, and more!

Real-Time P/L

Track your profitability from without checking your broker statements. You’ll be able to monitor your real-time profit and loss data.

Full Account Balances

Keep an eye on your positions and monitor your account balance using our convenient account management window. You’ll never need to use another app again!

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