Latest Updates

Update to Watchlists and Layouts Manager

The watchlists and layouts managers have an updated design. The new tabbed design makes it easy to create and organize your watch lists and layouts. Watchlists Layouts

Auto-Save is now optional

A few weeks ago we rolled out new "auto-save" functionality that automatically remembers the state of all your windows (when closed) as the default settings. While this was received extremely well, we were also told by customers that they did not want this to be...

TD Ameritrade Broker Integration

Connecting Scanz with TD Ameritrade (ThinkorSwim) To connect your Scanz platform to your TD Ameritrade (ThinkorSwim) account, follow the steps listed below: Step 1 : Launch your Scanz platform. Step 2 : Click the green button Trade...

Interactive Brokers Integration

Connecting Scanz with Interactive Brokers To connect your Scanz platform to your Interactive Brokers account, follow the steps listed below: Step 1 :  Launch your Interactive Brokers platform. Step 2 :  From the top menu, select File and...

Block Trades are now better!

The user interface for the Block Trade alerts in our Breakout Scanner was no bueno. It was actually quite confusing (sometimes we suck). So, we went ahead and fixed it! Now, creating and modifying your powerful Block Trade alerts is sleek and easy as can be!

Pro Scanner now includes quick “Filters”.

This was one of our biggest requests. Do you ever have a scan running and wish you could make a quick modification "on the fly" without having to go and create a brand new scan? You can now do exactly that using the new "Filters" panel found at the top. You will find...

Delete all Alerts at one time

You asked for the convenience of deleting all your Alerts in one shot. You now can. Right-click on any Alert.Select "Delete All".Confirm.

Introducing Pre Built Scans

Our new prebuilt scans make it simple for anyone to start profiting immediately with proven scan strategies that deliver actionable, real-time trade opportunities.

We’re always working on making it easier to get started with Scanz. But still, it can be a little intimidating to build a scan that delivers trade opportunities you can feel confident about. The possibilities can seem endless if you’re new to trading or using powerful scanning software. Even seasoned pros welcome a way to “lock into” amazing trades faster.

Our most powerful scans — in just a few clicks.

Choose from 70+ Scans — Built by Successful Traders, Over 20 Years

Including our most actionable scans:

  • Biggest % Gainers: A scan that lets you immediately identify the stocks that are surging in real-time.
  • Multi-Day Gainers: Stocks that have gained for multiple days.
  • Gappers: Gap Ups for stocks that are opening up big on the day. Gap Downs for stocks that are opening down on the day.
  • Crossovers: Moving Average Crossovers are some of the most useful trading patterns for uptrends and downtrends.
  • Most Active: Share volume leaders, dollar volume leaders, and trades leaders.

Getting Started with Pre Built Scans

You can launch any of our prebuilt scans in just a few clicks.

  1. Click “Pro Scanner” from the Launchpad Menu.
  2. Select the “PreBuilt Scans” tab.
  3. Select your desired scan from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click “Scan Now” to launch.

You also have the option to click “Save As”.

Clicking “Save As” will save the prebuilt scan to your personal “My Scan” library. After saving, you can use the prebuilt scan as a template for creating your own custom scans.