Latest Updates

Launchpad is streamlined and more compact

You’ll notice a brand new Launchpad that packs a much bigger punch! In order to accommodate exciting new features we will be releasing soon, we had to redesign the Launchpad. It is now much more compact, takes up less space, and contains more options.All of the...

Charts have been improved

We’ve made some important improvements to the main navigation bar in our charts. A more intuitive interface now makes it more user-friendly to access all of the powerful functionality: The navigation is now left-aligned and does not collapse when the window is...

Time & Sales done right… we call it Prints.

The long-awaited Time & Sales feature called Prints is finally here! Prints come in two flavors: Real-time and Day history Prints (real-time) Also known as "the tape", our Prints window delivers all of the real-time transactions that occur on any ticker...

News now has 100% real-time quote data!

This is big. All of the Level 1 data in the News window is now 100% real-time at all times! The news stories and SEC filings have always updated real-time....but the Level 1 quote data in the window had a delay (Last, Volume, Trades, % Chg, etc.). Now all of the data...

Market Internals!

Market Internals (aka Market Breadth or Advancers/Decliners) are extremely insightful for knowing the overall "health" of the market in one glance.! This amazing little window shows you the total advancers/decliners for each market along with crucial liquidity data....

Window Efficiency is key

Screen real-estate is important to traders. Very important. We've tightened up our window game and it's now possible to squeeze every inch of valuable space from your windows by using the "hide top panel" option found in the top toolbar.

Toolbar has been optimized

The “window linking” icon has been moved to the top left corner next to the window title.

The icons have been compressed into a sleek menu found at the top of each window.

The menu options are:

Save as Default – allows you to save your default window preferences such as visible columns, column width, window size and window position on screen. When SAVE is clicked, all future windows for that feature will open with the saved preferences.

Open Settings – opens the system settings window where you can fully customize all of your global settings for each feature.

Hide Top Panel – Let’s you hide or show the top navigation panel on any window. This is great to maximize screen real estate when the navigation is not being used or needed.

Take Snapshot – take an instant snapshot of any individual feature or of your entire monitor. This is great to use when sending us technical support cases. It is also great to share images of your windows on social media or between friends.

Clone Window – Let’s you duplicate any window.

Export to Excel – download the data to MS Excel.

Edit Title – Let’s you edit the title of any window strictly for Layouts purposes.